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Welcome to the home page of

Ralph Edwards

Contact us: mail@ralphedwards.se



This is the home of Ralph Edwards and partner Marie Lindquist.


We live together as mostly happy people, and have experienced much throughout our professional and personal lives.


Ralph (he prefers pronunciation Rafe) is a specialist physician and toxicologist, and has worked in the UK, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and now Sweden.


Marie is Director of the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) and a pharmacist and researcher. She is also CEO of a family water turbine business


Both of us have worked for many years with the World Health Organisation on evaluating the safety of medicines, and how they may best be used for patients: we have travelled all over the world in our work.


Apart from our professions we have both been the start up Directors of small, successful, innovative companies that continue to function well


We have many other interests and skills some of which we would like to share with you over this website.


The site is in three sections:


·        Professional, for those who would like to use Ralph's services

·        Philosophical and debating, for those who would like to talk to us about ideas and any of the fascinating issues that form our consciousness of the world and universe

·        Some of our Personal ups and downs!


We hope you will enjoy it and even find it valuable in some way.








Thorns along the way contrast highlights on the ultimate fruit!


Freedom to run as one thinks, with beauty and without destruction, should be evryone's due.